Donna M, Marketing Manager

“I found Cindy’s MBSR program to be both personally enlightening and rewarding. I truly looked forward to every class and came away with a new awareness and skills to help me practice on my own. I highly recommend this program. Cindy is wonderful!”

Cecilia M, Author

“Cindy’s peaceful and inviting demeanor immediately put the class at ease. Her tone is gentle and inspiring, and her dedication to guiding her class is always present. The destressing and meditation skills I learned have been a gift.”


Holly H, Psychotherapist

“Cindy’s course in mindfulness had a major impact on my state of mind. I went from always feeling frazzled and mired to feeling calmer, more attentive, and focused. I procrastinate less and get difficult tasks handled with more efficiency and intelligence. I even lost some weight with mindful eating.”

Lee S, Software Engineer (retired)

“I recommend Cindy’s excellent program to anyone who would explore the practice and benefits of meditation. The program is intensive, the course materials well-prepared and thorough, and her pacing exquisite.”

Mark E, Teacher

“I came away from Cindy’s class with a firm understanding of the principles of mindfulness practice and a renewed sense of my own responsibility for self-care. She is a nurturing and patient teacher who models the basics of mindfulness meditation and empowers her students to develop their own practice.”

Jaime F, Career Coach

“It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn about meditation from Cindy. Cindy’s calm and open demeanor made me feel comfortable in class and her positive feedback made me feel confident about my progress.”

Sally P, Advertising Sales Executive

“I totally enjoyed Cindy’s MBSR program and felt I gave myself a gift that enriched my mind and soul. The techniques I learned help me get through the stressors of daily life. After the first few weeks of practice, I truly felt the benefits and had a sense of inner peace.”

Tammy I, Certified Public Accountant

“The power of meditation and mindfulness is one I had to experience to believe. I am so grateful for the program and for being able to apply what I learned in class to my everyday life. It is even better than wine — relaxation without the calories!”

Lisa M, Teacher

“I took Cindy’s mindfulness class to help with anxiety and being more present. I highly recommend checking out her class. Very welcoming.”

Bob D, Engineer

“Cindy is a wonderful instructor. Not only is she an expert in MBSR, but also an expert in delivering the material in a caring, compassionate, and thoughtful way. She tailors the program to the unique needs of each student and does a fantastic job bringing the attendees together…I now use the mindfulness tools in many areas of my daily living.”

Cee V, Construction Worker

“Thank you to our fearless leader, Cindy, for guiding us on such an amazing journey… This class was an opportunity for a lifetime, and just the beginning of a lifetime spent living in the moment, appreciating all of the beauty that surrounds me. I have the tools I need to show up and to be present, even in the hardest moments, and when life seems to be moving too fast. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, and I am so excited to experience each moment of my life going forward, exploring these moments with curiosity and wonder, and allowing them to unfold as they may, or just be as they are. Thank you, Cindy, for gifting me with these tools and empowering me to live authentically.”

Marie R, Mindfulness and Yoga Teacher

“Cindy Gittleman is a remarkable teacher of mindfulness, MBSR and has so much to offer the world. Her wisdom, charm, and funny sense of humor helps one to find their own path through experiential learning and speaking from experience. I never looked back and have so much gratitude for Cindy.”

Shawn T, Teacher

“I attended Cindy’s Mindfulness class. Her class had life changing results for me. Mindfulness teaches students a new perspective on handling thoughts and emotions, therefore providing ease and less stress. The skills I learned in Cindy’s class I have applied to work, relationships, and use every day of my life. I highly recommend this class. Thank you, Cindy!”

Mindy F, Author

“Cindy’s program was my first toe into mindfulness programs, despite having done yoga and minimal meditation for decades…Now, mindfulness is a daily/near constant experience for me, and it’s all thanks to the grounding Cindy shared with us. She is a wise and skilled leader, mentor, guide, and great soul. I highly recommend carving out the time for her program. Whatever your motivation–pain, stress, health/weight issues, anxiety, etc. — you will be most grateful that you did!!”

Sara C, Teacher

“I took an 8-week MBSR program with Sunrise Mindfulness and found Cindy to be a simply outstanding instructor who had the flexibility to deal with my physical limitations for parts of the program. This was my first in-depth experience with the practice of mindfulness, and I have found it to be an extremely useful way to manage the stress in my daily life. There are multiple techniques demonstrated and as a student, I had flexibility to choose what worked best for me. There was homework each week, and a commitment to practice 45-60 minutes a day. It was important that I honor that commitment to myself. After 8 weeks, this has become a positive habit in my life. I highly recommend Cindy’s program and teaching style to anyone who would like to begin a meditation practice.”

Louise M, Teacher

“Wonderful program. Highly recommend Cindy’s class!”

Ilkka S, Architect (retired)

“Cindy’s 8-week MBSR program was excellent. It helped me be more relaxed in stressful situations. I am learning to be more aware of my surroundings as well as the people I interact with, especially family. I look forward to quiet meditation every day.”

Debra T, House Manager

“I’m grateful for the day my doctor recommended I take the MBSR program with Cindy. She provides a well rounded, well presented mindfulness experience. My training with her was life altering. “

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